Lift & Shift

Boat and Yacht transporter lorry

Boom Truck / Versa Lift Hire


The boom truck and versa lift are available to hire with an operator anywhere throughout the U.K.

The Boom truck with its selection of counterweights and two speed drive ensure precise manoeuvrability in the most confined of areas. Its wide wheels help distribute weight to minimise the load footprint.

Its design ensures it not only lifts but is able to drive while carrying heavy loads upto 45 tonnes. If it can lift it, it can carry it.

The Versa lift comes with the lifting option of either forks or a heavy duty jib attachment. Like the Boom truck the Versa lift is built for heavy lifting and is especially useful for installing and removing machinery.

It has a great lifting capacity and is excellent both indoors and outdoors.

All of our rental forklifts are subject to regular checks, preventative maintenance and are insurance inspected.

Our equipment is fully compliant with all the regulations and HSE handling requirements.

Driver qualification and vehicle test certificates are provided with each hire.

Spider Crane Hire

We now have Spider Cranes in our Engineering Fleet available to hire with a fully qualified operator anywhere in the U.K.  

These cranes are ideal for:

Confined indoor and outdoor applications.

Large motors and gearboxes

Valve removal etc

Structural steel work

Vessels - Duct work

Air con units

Glass panels

These machines are designed specifically for interior access and benefit from having heavy lift capacity. With unrivaled boom length they also have outriggers which allow for independent multi angle configurations. This is especially useful in restricted or confined areas. These vehicles are available in gas, petrol, diesel or electric power. Luther fly jib attachment especially suited for the lifting and erection of roof trusses.


 "A wide rage of different types of Forklift Trucks to suit any application and space restrictions"